Boston area, cape & islands

residential architecture

John w. vining

For Homeowners

 30 years of experience working with homeowners in the Boston area, Cape & Islands. Interior renovations, additions, custom homes. Thoughtful design keeping the character of your home and your ultimate goals in mind.  

For Contractors

You referring me to your clients will enable me to work directly with them. We will finalize design and produce the drawings necessary so that you can price the job and build it.  And if you've been working with owners already and have design in place, I can produce all the construction drawings for permit. My relationships with professional land surveyors and structural engineers ensures a streamlined process.

For Realtors & Developers

Complete design and construction drawings for your development projects: house flipping, condo conversions, tear downs/ custom homes for resale. An aggressive approach to fast-track projects because every day counts.